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If more sweat, does not mean you can burn more fat Sweating is the body's natural cooling mechanism, which occurs during sports or in hot weather, but also small enough stress, turbulent feelings and immediately feel that we are dripping with sweat. Despite the use of the sauna and sweat suits, sweat in itself has very little effect in the burning of fat. It is possible that a temporary weight loss with sweating is misleading indicator of weight loss. Weight of water - began sweating causes water and electrolytes leave the body. Although it may seem as if you are losing weight, this "water loss" is returned immediately when you start to consume liquids. Many athletes to be weighed to determine the category of the competition will often consume diuretics to drain the water from the body and thus achieve an immediate drop in weight. Sweating and metabolism - No matter what you sweating does not offer long-term benefits of weight loss , extra heat during exercise or the environment may temporarily increase the basal metabolic rate, or to increase the rate at which your body automatically burns calories . Although the increase in energy consumption significantly less than even the least physical activity, heat and sweating may increase the number of calories burned you'd spend in normal conditions while you are inactive. For More Information On This Visit Us Here - Mike Westerdal review Calories and weight loss - If you are of those who believe in the connection between sweating and weight loss, should you get to know really how it works. Weight loss occurs at a rate of 0.5 kg for every 3,500 calories in deficit. In other words, if you burn more calories than your basal metabolic rate and perform more physical activity than you consume food and drinks, your body will lose weight 0.5 kg for every 3,500 deficit of calories you burn. If you schedule your current exercise and eating places on the shortage of 500 calories each day, a week will burn fat at a rate of 0.5 kg. For each hour of exercise should drink one liter of water. The best advice is to drink water before, during and after exercise. Maintenance fluid is not only important for the well-being but also for good looks as fluid helps keep the skin moist. For more information how to lose weight can be found in our overarching guide for weight loss . Dehydration and its dangers - Despite the benefits that come from the claims of its supporters, sweating therapy carries significant health risk in the form of dehydration. According to research Kids Health, dehydration can lead to various serious conditions such as lethargy, dizziness and dry eyes. It reduces mental acuity and concentration, which is a necessity in most of our physical activities and sports. While your body sweat you lose significant amounts of electrolytes and minerals that you need to replace in order to help your body to function for peak performance. No need to wait to appear thirst, because it is often not relevant indicator of dehydration. After physical activity and excessive sweating is necessary to take fluids and electrolytes enriched. It is therefore recommended consumption of isotonic drinks because they contain electrolytes and carbohydrates as an energy source. It is recommended that the natural mineral water without CO2. Beverage that can be prepared at home has a simple recipe that is: half the volume drained juice of orange mixed with the other half of water and add a pinch of salt. You can also themselves to determine the required amount of liquid, so you'll just weigh before and after training. She difference, that weight loss is right for you the required amount of liquid. Before starting any therapy that involves long periods of sweating definitely talk to your doctor.

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